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chasaz @ I have modified the style to the Fyrae community... all performance info will now appear on the left side as I get it... so check this page to check for current events...
I will post the events in the entry area, but depending on the number of post it may scroll off, so they will be listed in the left column.
I am still working on the style and tweaking some settings..

I hope you all like the new look.
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chasaz @ Fyrae LJ is now pd... I have created the style and graphics for the lj... just need the info.
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 Upcoming Show in Phoenix
glaistig @
Friday, November 7, 2003

Members of Fyrae at First Friday - Holgas Art Space in Phoenix, Arizona
Artlink site with maps and info about First Fridays
Come and see Flammoria, Phoenix and Venatarsi of Fyrae perform at Holgas. No idea of the time... we'll keep you posted.
Holgas' address: 821 N. 3rd Street (just south of Roosevelt at 3rd St. & Garfield in Phoenix)
Holgas' phone number: 602.254.2845 and site.

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 Cast Pic Update
chasaz @ Here is an update to the cast picture... Nipps made me aware of a spelling issue and I added a few more flames to the background... as well as signing it.. I hope you all like it..

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 Pictures - Black Moon Art Salon
chasaz @ (All Photos are now available online) -- 2:10pm
I should have these pictures up by 3pm the url once again is www.chas-online.com

I did find one issue with these pictures... Because I was seated right infront of the upstage fire pot, the characters are in silhouette (almost ivisable) in many of the pictures. However I got some great flame trails.

There is also as missing chunk of pictures at the beginning of the Black Moon performance due to a malfunction with my camera.

All total there are about 400 pictures between the 2 night..

If anyone would like the full size copies please let me know so I can burn a CD for ya.

I hope you like the pictures as much as I enjoyed being there.
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chasaz @ Here a something I threw together... the pictures for 10/25 will be up some time tomorrow.. hopefully early :)

This should tide you over for now.

Have a great Sunday all!
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 Fyrae Pictures
chasaz @ The picture I took from Domba Studio show are now up on my site... the is a link on the main page.


Hope you like them..

I will be burning the actual pictures of both nights to a CD for anyone who wants one.. please tell me at tonights show.


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 Tonight's the big night.
silverarm @ Friday, Oct. 24:
Fyrae at the Domba Studio Halloween Party!
Admission: FREE!
From 6:30-8:30 pm we have kids' events, including a treasure hunt, mini-haunted house and bobbing for apples. Then at 9:00 pm, it's adult-time with poisoned apple bobbing (bobbing for apples in wine!), a costume contest, a performance by Fyrae doing their brand new Goblin Halloween show, and some other special guests. We're still working on a DJ, but if we don't have one, we'll throw some CDs in and have open dancing for everyone! We also will have lots of goodies and treats. We did not notice the alcohol you brought.

And, for those of you who can't make it tonight but still want to see us, there will be another performance tomorrow night at the Black Moon Salon...

Saturday, Oct. 25:
Fyrae at the Halloween Black Moon Salon!
Admission: a potluck dish of some sort!
Jim Ward hosts his phenomenal annual Halloween Party and merges it with the Black Moon Salon. If you haven't attended either event yet, now is your chance! There is a New Moon on that night, a good time to start a project and let go of old baggage - perfect for a party!

Saturday, October 25, 2003, 7 PM - costume highly recommended!
925 W. Culver (south of McDowell, between 7th and 15th Avenues)

Featuring FYRAE - Extraordinary Fire Arts performing their all-new show "A Midsummer Night's Scream", starring Fyrae's Goblin Tribe with unique goth/industrial music remixes by Jared Synn and choreography by Fyrae.

Alicia (that's redjulep) - The Five Buck Oracle - reading the Tarot!

Bring your drums and other instruments so we can jam!

Food And Drink: If you would like to contribute to the Black Moon Salon by bringing either food or drink, we would very much appreciate it! There will be plenty of libations, so if you can, bring food. Please contact your host/ess with what you would like to bring, so we can coordinate.

Networking: The Networking Table is an important part of the Black Moon Salon. If you have business cards, brochures, flyers or other networking material, bring it for others to see and take. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to others and talk about your work.

Art: Please bring one or two pieces of your artwork to show. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work, let others know what you do and be seen. As an artist, you are responsible for the placing and removing of your artwork, as well as for the labeling of it. Please come early or right on time so your art can be hung or placed in the reserved area. If you sell a piece, good for you! The Black Moon Salon is not involved in any sales.

RSVP: And lastly - Please RSVP to one of the people, below, with the number of people you are bringing, as well as whatever food and drink you would like to contribute.

Alicia (redjulep) - alicia@evolutionquest.com
Annette - apalmerhurst@catalyticaenergy.com
Jim - jim1005@aol.com
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 Goblins Unite
rtuxbury @ If ever there was a Fyrae show show to see it will be our next one. It is more ambitious, more choreographed, more story driven, hell it is just more of everything. Don't miss it.

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 Upcoming Show
silverarm @ Friday, October 24, 2003
Fyrae at the Domba Studio Halloween Party in Tempe, Arizona
Domba Studio - 524 West Broadway (Phone: 480.894.8777) MAP
Every year the Domba Studio throws a fun and spooky Halloween party! This year will feature the Domba Studio's usual array of amazing bellydance performances and live music (with an eerie theme of course!) -- plus Fyrae! More information as we get it.
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